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My name is John P. Neidhardt IV. Yes, I typically always use my middle initial and suffix to my name; it’s far too confusing when it’s time to separate the mail!

I’m an entrepreneurial web designer with a taste for web development, advertising, marketing, and music. My specialties are xHTML/CSS, Javascript/jQuery, PHP/MySQL. UI Design, UX Enhancements, Wireframes and more. I have been actively creating web designs and learning how to code since my early teens years. Although I have professional career experience in the web industry, I was schooled in Advertising and Business at Marist College.

Like my outlook on web design, I have a very simple approach to life: Surround yourself with people you love, be yourself in the process, and you’ll live happily without judgment.

My philosophy may be logic-driven and my presence maybe strong, but it takes a lot to really know the true “me”. I’ll do my best throughout my writings and insights to self-disclose enough about myself to hopefully influence my own aspirations and yours.

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