Removing Microsoft Word HTML in PHP

So I’ve been trying to figure out how to remove the html code from a string of data that MS Word adds to their code when exporting an htm file. Here’s what I found to be most successful although it may not be perfect in ALL instances. function cleanHTML($html) { /// <summary> /// Removes all read more »

World Through a New Lens

Design oriented innovation never seems to fail at defining how I see the world through a structured lens. To entirely belittle the sense of normalcy in design brings new realms of perspective that are now coming into play. Here we find how innovators are bringing back a blast from the past into the homes of read more »

Advertising: The High-Res State of Mind

­­I wrote this on: June 1st 2010 Another day passes as I finish my second week as a salaried employee after graduation. Working for a technology company has taken huge priority in my life. Considering all of my life I have been custom to new and innovative ways of thinking, There’s something I’ve come to read more »

Hello 2011! Let’s See What I have In-store for You!

Of course, with a new year comes many new resolutions. I do not see the ideals of “resolutions” as many others do. Instead of “eating better” or “being more reliable to my friends”, I believe a New Year should be a clean start. Rather than fixing your problems, start afresh. Rather than stopping something you read more »

Mock Up of an Eco Website

With the new trends of Eco arising, I took a shot at designing the home page or landing page of a fake company. I found that the extremely strong, bright leaf-greens with subtle hues of yellow really help the content of the page pop! I created the design as a portfolio builder and to potentially read more »